The Life of the Imagination

Wallace was always dating somebody. "There were a lot of relationships," Amy says. He dated in his imaginative life too: When I visited him, one wall was taped with a giant Alanis Morissette poster. "The Alanis Morissette obsession followed the Melanie Griffith obsession — a six-year obsession," he said. "It was preceded by something that I will tell you I got teased a lot for, which was a terrible Margaret Thatcher obsession. All through college: posters of Margaret Thatcher, and ruminations on Margaret Thatcher. Having her really enjoy something I said, leaning forward and covering my hand with hers."

"The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace"

Rolling Stone
October 30, 2008


notorious egg collector #6

His haul contained eggs from Britain's rarest nesting birds including the golden eagle, little tern, osprey, black-necked grebe, avocet, black-tailed godwit, stone curlew, chough, peregrine falcon and red-throated diver.

Skegness magistrates heard that Pearson was "simply a working man with an overwhelming fascination for eggs".

But jailing him, District Judge Richard Blake said he had been responsible for a "carefully organised, evil campaign against wildlife".

He added: "The message must go out that the perverted activity of people like you, who seize eggs to satisfy their lust for them, will not be tolerated".

Almost 600 of the eggs could not be identified by experts. But Pearson pleaded guilty to possessing 653 Schedule One eggs - the rarest and most protected under the Act - and possessing a further 6,477 eggs. After the case Pc Nigel Lound, Lincolnshire police's wildlife officer, said he hoped the sentence would serve as a deterrent to others.

He said: "We didn't really know what to expect when we got into the house, but we really hit the jackpot. The bedroom was chock-a-block with eggs".

The Telegraph (UK)
April 1, 2008