PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN (in a black knit cap, standing next to LAURA DERN): ...and the spirit award goes to (fumbling) mickey rourke, yes

that SPRINGSTEEN song from THE WRESTLER's closing credits as MICKEY ROURKE makes his way to the stage)

kisses LAURA DERN, who points out the mic for him when he seems unsure exactly what to do next) goddam, thank you all very much! heh heh heh heh... eric ROBERTS! i just wanna say one thing about eric roberts: eric roberts is probably the best actor i ever worked with, and i dont, i don't know WHY in the last fifteen years, ain't nobody give him a chance to show his shit again because, whatever he did fifteen-twenty years ago should be forgiven, and i wish there would

unspecified crowd reaction)

no, i'm-i'm goddam serious about that, eric roberts is the fuckin' MAN

prolonged cheers)

and he deserves, like i have, he
like-like i got, he deserves a second chance, and i wish there would be one goddamned filmmaker in this room that would, would let him fly because the man, he-he is somethin' elsethank you, eric!


uh, ok, that's enough on eric

from audience, pleading): accept your award!

MICKEY ROURKE: eric'll probably be arrested by the end of today, but ha ha, uh, anyway, um

and that little blonde dude that did that THING, i'm gonna beat your ass when i get outta here (
looks around vaguely), uh


it's uh nice to be presented this award by all these talented, these two talented, three?
i don't know what YOU do, honeybut these two are really, but these two are really good, uh, ha ha, and uh

you know, uh, i-i've just gotten thousands of letters and shit from my
people, strangers and people that know me'bout-'bout my dog that died six days ago, LOKI


looks sad, hand to mouth, choking up), uh, this is for you, baby (suddenly looks happy again) ha ha

and i just got done talkin' to the santa monica police department, they gave me a bed to sleep in ten years ago and i thanked them for, i asked them for two pillows, they told me to fuck off, but anyway, uh

thank you darren aronofsky for, for believin' in me, uh, directors like darren aronofsky


come on, let me finish this, ha ha, uh, i-i told people in the past directors like darren aronofsky come around every twenty-five years, the same way like cimino, coppola, mm, parker, adrian lyne, all the rest of 'em, and i said twenty-five years and he whispered in my ear THIRTY, uh ha ha, and uh, the only thing i want to say to any young actor or any actor that gets an opportunity to work with darren, you better be in shape, because he will break you down, he is one tough son of a bitch and he don't like it when i say that 'cause he goes, "mickey, you'll scare all the other actors away from me," but darren, you know what? if they ain't got the balls to bring it then fuck 'em, you know? anyway, i wanna thank, uh


i wanna thank fox searchlight, peter rice and all the GIRLS, melissa, and i don't know all their names, anne, maria, feh-eh-eh, all the rest of 'em, thank you very much, uh, ha, the little one that i call "gap-tooth," i know you're here, and uh, i wanna thank uh, my memory ain't that good, but my, oh jesus, uh, i wanna thank, uhhh uhhhhh

SOMEONE: marisa!



MICKEY ROURKE: oh! m-m-melissa?-marisa? marisa TOMEI!


her, godammit, she had to do all this with like, uh, bare-assed, and she BROUGHT it, and she, you know, she's a very... is she here? (
looking for her)



anyway, she looksyou know, not many girls can climb the POLE, you understand what i'm saying? and she climbed the pole and she did it well and uh i give her big props for that, she, it was a very courageous performance, uh, we had to like pry her out of the trailer, you know, but that was all right, um

i also wanna thank uh the uh wrestling community who has been very supportive, the wwe, vince mcmahon, uh, who supported us, because we exposed some issues in (
suddenly loses interest in what he's saying, looks down at statuette in hand) oh, that's pretty! we exposed some issues in this film that were very controversial, (looks interested again) like the ste-ROIDS and the co-CAINE and the bangin'-the-girl-in-the-ass-in-the-bathroom but uh, you know, shit like that does happen, you know these guys are on the road a lot and they get lonely, and uh


scott franklin, uh, i got your name right... thank you very much! i know you're lookin' for a job, any directors in here, here's a hell of a producer, and he's broke right now, and uh

gee whiz, uh, what else here, za za...

paula, oh! the hardest working gal in show business, my... uh, she was my PUBLICIST and she had her hands full and, uh, as i said in the bafta awards, uh, she told me where to go, what to do, what not to do, how to dress, who to fuck, not to
you knowbut anyway, paula, i love you, you can go back to the farm after tomorrow! uh

and jp my manager, manager of chaos, god bless you thank you, peter rice, uh, your boss: jim jimminopolis? somethin' like that, anyway, you know, thanks for the money, thank y'all very much (
to sustained applause, whips around mic rock-star-like and goes off)

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