The Yazidis are a tiny Gnostic-Sufi-Zoroastrian sect of ethnic Kurds based in Iraq who avoid wearing the color blue, pronouncing words beginning with sh, and eating lettuce.

Reports of the Yazidis' beliefs vary. This may be because those reports vary in accuracy, or because there are actually variations in what they believe (there is no written tradition to refer to). Or it may be that the Yazidis at times dissemble their beliefs to avoid persecution. Yazidis are known as devil-worshippers and consequently are often persecuted.

In any case, according to some the Yazidis believe that the fallen archangel Satan will one day repent and be restored to his place at God's right hand, at which time he’ll remember the one sect in the world who honored him while he was under disgrace.

Others say the Yazidis believe Satan has already repented—his tears of repentance having extinguished the fires of hell—and is even now back in his old place as the lord of this world.

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