The Eating Habits of Marlon Brando, Part Twelve

While filming The Godfather, Brando was unable to stop snacking long enough to finish shooting his scenes. He would wrap yards of link sausages around his body and run them down the sleeves of his costume so that he could munch on them inconspicuously right up to the moment the camera started to roll. Once it did he was forced to stop chewing in order to deliver his lines, but since he never took the time to swallow first his mouth was always full. This explains the distinctive, slurred accent his character uses throughout the film.


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  1. And when he began to consume his own asshole, critics marveled at his appetite.

    hmm...shit...ok, I can't think of a proper comment beyond "haha@imdb". I'll be back later with something more cheeky. I'm outta ideas. Give me 6 weeks or so. cheeky. promise. pms. etc.