We arranged Poor Tony to wait for us out side and try to be low profile. Its' sub 0 snow

and hes' in a leather spring coat and stoal and brown wig thats' not as good as a hat and hell' freeze his low profile balls off and C was trying to smile and he told Dr. Wo we needed three bundles and Dr. Wo was smiling in his slope manner said the boosting life must surely be exellent and C laughed and said most exellent Cs' tight with slopes he does the talking and everything like that, and Dr. Wo nods in a special subservant manner he uses for non slopes who hes' realy polite with but hes' a dictater to his slopes when we see him with his subservant slopes but with us were' allike most polite and everything like conversession and its' nice but expensive but it feels nice at the time but Wo finishes his so called tea and Wo goes back behind the curtains in the back of Hung Toys thats' a giant brightred curtain with purple mountains or hills and clouds that are flying snakes with leather wings that is one curtain yrstruly would want to boost for personnel hanging use that no body who isnt' a slope and isnt' in with Wo cant' never go behind it but you can see when he opens it and goes behind the curtain it looks like merly more old slope ladies sitting on packing cases with slope writing eating more noodles in bowls they hold like a millmeter from their yellow maps and everything like that. Slopes rarly stop shovling in the old noodles. Stokely Darkstar calls them maggoteaters and subservant slopes keep going in and out of the curtain while Wo's back there a longer than avrege time and Cs' got the Shivers and starting to jones and dope-fiends are full of super station and he says to yrstruly he says the fuck he says maybe what if Poor Tony realy did take part with burning Wo and what if a slope sees poor Tony out side and is one of these slopes going in and out of the curtain maybe telling Wo, like ratting out Poor Tony as our acquaintance, and my mucis is starting and were' jonesing super statiously over PT and wheres' Wo behind the curtain and everything like that, trying to smile and conversession ultralow, drinking quot tea thats' like like schnapps only wurse and green. And we jones and Dr. Wo comes back finally at last out smiling subservantly with all the wonderful skeet three bundles in a newspaper who could fucking read it but the pictures are of slope VIPS' in suits and Wo sits down, and Wo never sits down at the booth with the skeet it isnt' done in his commerce, and Wos' hands are folded over our skeet in the thing and Wo smiling says he asks C if weve' seen goodold Poor Tony or Susan T. Cheese around we crew with Poor Tony in boosting life did we not he said. C he says PT is a fucking dicksucking fag queer and a proven cheeseater and wed' fucked up his map and Cheese and Lolasisters' map in a beef and didnt' crew with fags since approx the autum period. C is pouring mucis and trying to smile cusually, Dr. Wo laughed in a harty fashion and said exellent and Wo leaned over our skeet saying if we should happenbychance to see Poor Tony or them to please give Poor Tony his quite best regards and wish him prosparity and a thousand blisses. And everything like that. And we promote the newspaper of skeet and Wo promotes our $ and very politely outwego and I admit it yrstruly wanted we should burn Poor Tony and rickytick the fuck out of Chinatown but we go over down more by the China Pearl Place and poor Tony is sortof hunched behind a lightpoal with his gray teeth chatting in his dress and thin coat trying to be low profile in his red coat and heels around a million+ slopes that all are subservants of Wo.

Infinite Jest

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