casual encounter #25

breaking up is (not) hard to do - w4m - 26

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Date: 2009-09-29, 7:32PM EDT

Ok this post may seem messed up but its real, it all started 3 weeks ago when I hook up with this hot guy while we were in the middle of having a great time his GF came home and walked in on us, at first i freak but he kept fucking me and told the GF that he was over her andthat my pussy was the best he had every had, this chcick started freaking out and he kept fucking me. The chick started call me whore and he kept fucking me and I loved it, he told he her to shut up and at the same minute he said I am done with you and he shot his load in me and then quicly pulled it out and said look I creamed her pussy and I am done with you bitch. The girl left and the guy looked at me and smiled an evil smile that made me cum.

I want to do this again, if you want to break up with your wife,GF maybe a FWB hit me up. I am goodlooking so I ask that you are too. Send your stats or pics and lets plan your break up

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