The Question of Influence

Q: What about Brecht? Read much of him?
A: No. But I've read him.
Q: Rimbaud?
A: I've read his little tiny book, "Evil Flowers."
Q: You're thinking of Baudelaire.
A: Yes, I've read his tiny little book, too.
Q: How about Hank Williams? Do you consider him an influence?
A: Hey look, I consider Hank Williams, Captain Marvel, Marlon Brando, The Tennessee Stud, Clark Kent, Walter Cronkite, and J. Carrol Nalsh all influences. Now what is it — please — what is it exactly you people want to know?
Q: Tell us about your movie?
A: It's gonna be in black and white.
Q: Will it be in the Andy Warhol style?
A: Who's Andy Warhol? Listen, my movie will be — I can say definitely — it will be in the style of the early Puerto Rican films.
Q: Who's writing it?
A: Allen Ginsberg. I'm going to rewrite it.
Q: Who will you play in the film?
A: The hero.
Q: Who is that going to be?
A: My mother.

from "Dylan Meets the Press" (March 25, 1965)

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