blog resolutions

  1. No more posts secretly aimed at one particular person (not always the same person) who might be reading that I have a crush on.
  2. Make sure posts work as well in ascending order (for anyone following day-by-day) as they do going down.
  3. Make sure each post is as interesting on its own as it is in context.
  4. Slightly higher proportion of personal/self-referential posts.
  5. More pictures of Asia Argento.
  6. No long posts.
  7. No series I instantly lose interest in.
  8. Don't post anything that seems "Internet-y."
  9. Structure IS content.


  1. Re #4: I just want to say that the posts about your grandfather were very beautiful & very moving.

  2. Alan
    I am looking forward to another year of your blog very, very much.
    Thank you for the comment you made on my blog yesterday it was kind.
    I look forward to another year on my blog, DC and here and one of the things I appreciate are your comments and answers to me, I always find them so informative and gently writen, I think you are a gentle person which is cool.
    Can I ask are you a teacher? If you are not you really should be, all teachers should be like you..anyway thanks
    Nick XX