diary entry from January 9, 2008

I can’t believe it’s taken me nine days to figure out that several of my New Year’s resolutions are at odds with each other.

My resolution to grow grotesquely long fingernails conflicts with my resolution to learn Japanese origami, my resolution to become more environmentally aware conflicts with my resolution to worry less, and my resolution to feed dependent family members more regularly conflicts with my resolution to cut down on expenses.

I take a moment to think about who I am and where I’m headed. Looks like origami class, the environment, and that extra food budget will have to wait until next year.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no Alan! I think all your resolutions are small conflicts between Different Loves.

    And since love is not 'exclusive' (but 'inclusive', atleast in the ideal world), you must try to keep them all! I can only see some trouble with the Origami..

    And if you still don't feel better about how sensible yours really are, I must tell you that I recently had my facebook status set to "..has decided to lead an internet free life"
    I mean that's purely Daft.

    I like your resolutions!