I checked Rm 205 and it was covered with vasoline and the room carpet was covered also and was slippery to walk on. I noticed white crumb particles strewn about on top of the light stand, which was slathered in vasoline and tested some of the particles, which tested positive for cocaine. Also left behind in the room were two black garbage bags full of trash. I sorted thru both bags and collected about fourteen empty containers of vasoline and numerous charred/used chore boy screens, indications of crack cocaine use. All of the contents in the trash bag were covered with vasoline along with numerous pornographic magazines which were also slathered/smeared with vasoline. I checked the motels on Old Front Street and located Robert F. Chamberlain at the Econolodge and he was registered in Room 312. Myself and Sgt Oliver went to Room 312 and spoke with Robert who said he had just checked out of Rm 205 at the Motel 6. Robert was placed under arrest for felony criminal mischief 3rd° and I Mirandized him. Robert was also smeared from head to foot with vasoline.

Broome County Sherriff's Office Incident Report (05/09/2004)

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