A Game of Chess (#3)

I hadn’t heard from the dancer until this past summer when he left a message telling me that he thought about me a lot. I called him back and left a message, but I haven’t heard from him. Part of me wants to meet him again, but another part of me feels like if I continue with these erotic encounters, I’m going to get too caught up in them.

As more time passes, I find myself getting more and more turned on as I remember them and fantasize about domination in general. I love the feeling of making a grown man subservient. I loved the quiver in his voice on the phone and in person: the (harmless, of course) fear I caused in him, merely by being an attractive female. One time during an encounter, he didn’t know where I had moved to, and he looked up and caught my eye. With a shocked look, he immediately lowered his eyes in reverence. I like replaying this little moment in my mind. Of course, I also replay the spankings. I travel on the subway in NYC everyday, and I sometimes pass the time by picking out who I think are male subs and thinking about what I’d like to do to them. Men who are submissive give out signals (whether they are aware of it or not) that us dommes pick up on, believe me!

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