A Game of Chess (#2)

A few months later, he came over again. This time, we had considerably less time. I took him by the ear and took him to the corner of my kitchen and made him undress. He kneeled in front of the garbage can for about ten minutes as I went into the other room. (Quite frankly, I was vying for time because I didn’t know what to do. I also felt that the anticipation of punishment added to the tension as well.) I had enjoyed administering the spanking so much last time, that I repeated it, making him fetch me my hairbrush. After his punishment, I made him give me a full body massage for about half an hour. Then I spanked him again and made him massage my feet and kiss them as reward.

After these experiences, I felt a sense of relief. Although I wasn’t harmed in any way, I thought it was foolish of me to invite over a stranger without checking him out initially. I was also angry at myself for putting my relationship with my boyfriend at risk. I believe that women should have control over their relationships, but I love my boyfriend and knew he would not be open to me being a domme with someone else. Inviting over people when he wasn’t home didn’t seem like a smart thing to do, and I don’t like sneaking around either. Although he wouldn’t consider himself a sub, I dominate my boyfriend in subtle ways: I have him make my meals, run baths for me, and massage me.

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