A Game of Chess (#1)

A couple years ago, my live-in boyfriend went traveling for a week. I never had an inclination to dominate before; in fact, I considered myself sexually submissive. Domination must have entered my mind after reading, of all things, Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Witch about how a woman’s sexuality is a powerful weapon against hapless men. I decided to place a Craigslist ad for a houseboy. After going through all the responses, I contacted a man who was professional dancer and had some experience with a domme in the past. He sent me a handsome picture of himself cuffed and collared.

When he came over, my heart was pounding, though I acted brave. I had never dominated anyone before, and I had little idea what to do. I had dressed normally, as I don’t believe in wearing “costumes.” I think it’s more powerful to dominate in what I normally wear. Because he was late, I made him undress (he was wearing a cock ring) and get on all fours. I immediately administered a spanking with the back of my hairbrush, making him count out each spank: one for each minute late. I held his hair, so he couldn’t hide his pained face from me. He was late 40 minutes, so by the end of the punishment, his ass was pink. Afterwards, I had him run errands for me, do my laundry, and make me dinner. I ate it as he massaged my feet. The reward for his work was a kiss on my foot.

What struck me was how well-behaved he was: eyes lowered, bowed head, “Ma’am” after every statement, quiet answers to my questions, and absolutely no topping from the bottom.

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  1. The last sentence is just killing me. Excellent.