21 Notable People I Have Seen By Chance (in no order)

  1. Chris Elliott (Rockefeller Center)
  2. Ben Stiller (filming in Park Slope)
  3. John Lurie (eating in Angelica’s Kitchen)
  4. youngest daughter from Rosanne (outside Angelica’s Kitchen on a busy night, trying to jump the line)
  5. Martin Amis (shared a car on the subway)
  6. Bill Clinton (motorcade passing through Astor Place at 1 AM–he waved)
  7. Michelle Obama (motorcade down 6th Avenue as I was coming out of the Waverley; her husband was presumably waving at people on other side of the street)
  8. Gary Giddins (Upper East Side)
  9. guy who played the main victim in the movie Dahmer (serving drinks at Lower East Side bar)
  10. Dave Atell (outside Caffe Reggio)
  11. John Lovitz (with college-age son, on Amsterdam Avenue)
  12. Lou Reed (in pink velvet rock-star pants, on line inside the lobby of Cinema Village–what were we waiting to see??)
  13. Willem Dafoe (Swedish restaurant on Orchard Street, with cute blonde girl)
  14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (walking out of the Apple store on Prince Street)
  15. Martin Sheen (as the president on West Wing, filming outside Katz’s Deli on Houston)
  16. Doug Heywood (walking the other way on Houston)
  17. Nicole Kidman (filming on Stuyvestant Street)
  18. Wallace Shawn (walking with wife on Carmine Street, from café window)
  19. Steve Buscemi (smoking outside bar on Spring Street, weekend afternoon)
  20. Conan O’Brien (walking with wife and baby on 72nd and Central Park West, after my dentist appointment)
  21. Tim Robbins (rollerblading up 6th Avenue)

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