The Story of the Eye

Robbe-Grillet covers


  1. Or the eyes of Rober de Niro on taxi driver, i like your blogg a lot! good day

  2. Hey, thx. I like your blog a lot too. I wish I could read it all, but I’ll def be stealing images.

  3. Im going to translate a poem for you.

  4. This is one of the poems. Post #3

    On things that happen‏

    Words did not proliferate back then, nor do they now, the weather was not warmer, what really happened was that there were more people than before, more sonority and less activity, cigarette smoke, orange, purple, green lights, and the mouths that embed in paper straws, Bob Dylan played but he was not recognized, at first... A beer that becomes tinged with bitterness, the glance from a chaotic being devoid of chaos, the grayish bags under the eyes in a face devoid of adventure, of extravagance, almost lifeless. And the squealing voice of a forty-something nymphomaniac woman, life inclusive, flowing, and unfelt. In a world where no one believed in nightmares and insanity was scarce, lies were everyone’s discourse. And the people drugging themselves and still dancing on hexagonal tables.

    for you. Etelvina