Was David Foster Wallace’s hyper-sophistication actually a sign of his essential provincialism?

“His voice was regional in more than one sense—the fastidiousness about usage, for instance. Only midwesterners will waste time over the grammar of small talk with you; nowhere else, when you ask, ‘Can I get an iced tea?,’ does anyone ever say, ‘I don't know... can you?’”

GQ review of The Pale King


  1. “i don't know... can you?” ...that's what everyone in my family used to do to me growing up. made the using of teen-beat slang and tv-centric urbane dialects almost impossible as a kid. now i make up for it by using an almost exclusive drug-based antagonism in my word choice. that and ending most sentences of conversation with woman with the dissociative ''

    also, i think most people who suffer from hyper-sophistication have an inherent love of 'uncomplicated complexities' attributed to provincialism.

  2. Kurwa, following that exchange made me spring a boner. ^_^