The Human Animal

Potter’s Shoes


  1. lovely....

    Manifest Nadaísta Gonzalo Arango

    We kicked the tombstone and rise, sounded the death knell of christening the earth with a new barbarism purifying, the planet stinks dead souls, not more resignation, no more defeatism, process opens, we're going to accuse, to bury the dead, to clear the land of excrement, we are going to live. Death is our message, we will be tender as executioners, of this apocalypse only saved the living, our flood is hate, not forgive, we will not be soft and compassionate, have to be cruel, incorruptible to good, must be worse than virtuous, we must consummate the death of humanism in that region where man's spirit is dead.. in his dreams. The reason is a dead rat, stinks,a whiff of putrefaction amounts of pores through the soul, infecting the flesh, life, planet .All values ​​of this civilization factored and Marxist should be thrown into the pipe without exception The man is corrupt from head to the coccyx, our literature will be the purgative for man defecating their reasons as a writer I aspire to be the architect of the destruction, installed on my throne i will plan the chaos, the breakdown of order, imminent despair, the total annihilation, the triumph of despair, I take my curses and proudly disdain, not handed out bread to the destitute, and faith to the doubtful, or comfort the bereaved, I exercised a rare charity delivering loathing to the pure ones and unhappiness to the unhappy, spreading the plague as a holy desperation, for such a mission I was entrusted to prepare the advent of shame

    I think you should read this from an old Colombian poet

    there are things that are wrong...sorry... but that's the idea...

  2. thanks, that's interesting

    if you're a nadaista, idk, maybe we'll have to agree to disagree

    but definitely interesting and verbally very cool