Superman is inert for most practical purposes.

Only springing to life, as it were, under pressure of grave danger. Like, if you were making toast, he wouldn’t be Superman for that. He would be Clark Kent making you toast, and maybe his glasses would fog up with the steam or something, but that’s all. Or say a country in Africa has been without clean water for pretty much forever: he’d just be Clark Kent for that. That’s already beyond the pale.

Kristina Born


The child is father to the

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge wishes you a happy Father’s Day


The conversation then turned to religious topics, and Tennyson said:

“I do not know whether to think the universe great or little. When I think about it, it seems now one and now the other.”

J. Addington Symonds, “Reminiscences of Tennyson” [via]


Auden on Tennyson

He had the finest ear, perhaps, of any English poet; he was also undoubtedly the stupidest.



Auden was such a bitch.

On Rilke:

“a lot of humourless and unmanly fuss”



Auden on Yeats

I sometimes feel that the question “Is this statement true or false?” has never occurred to him.



Do you like, and by like I really mean like, not approve of on principle:

1) Long lists of proper names such as Old Testament genealogies or the catalogue of ships in the Iliad?

2) Riddles and all other ways of not calling a spade a spade?

3) Complicated verse forms of great technical difficulty, such as Englyns, Drott-Kvaetts, Sestinas, even if their content is trivial?

4) Conscious theatrical exaggeration, pieces of baroque flattery like Dryden’s welcome to the Duchess of Ormond?

If a critic could truthfully answer “yes” to all four, then I should trust his judgment implicitly on all literary matters.

(in his inaugural lecture as Professor of Poetry at Oxford)


Notes on Usage

HAROLD PINTER: I’ll have the fish toast with the parmesan custard.

WAITER: No problem.

PINTER: I wasn’t anticipating one.




I always go to independent bookstores.

They have the best selection and the least security.


not safe

Édouard Levé, Pornographie


I want to open the most independent bookstore that has ever existed.

To stock it, I won’t order books from the corporate publishers. I’ll shoplift everything from Barnes and Noble.

And give all the money to Ben Marcus.