dream diary

Last night I had the strangest dream sequence.

I couldn’t make out just what sort of a place it was that I was in. It seemed to be a gambling house, but there weren’t any walls, just a lot of curtains with eyes painted on them. A man was walking around with a large pair of scissors cutting all the drapes in half.

A girl came in with hardly anything on and started walking around the gambling room kissing everybody. She came to my table first. She looked a little like Ingrid Bergman.

I was sitting there playing cards with a man who had a beard. He said, “That makes 21–I win.” But when he turned up his cards, they were blank! Just then the proprietor came in and accused him of cheating.

I saw the man with the beard leaning over the sloping roof of a high building. I called out to him to watch out. But he went over–slowly–with his feet in the air.

I saw the proprietor again. He was hiding behind a tall chimney, and he had a small wheel in his hand. I saw him drop the wheel on the roof.

Then I was running and heard something beating over my head. It was a great pair of wings. They were chasing me and almost caught up with me when I came to the bottom of the hill. Then I woke up.

The funny thing is I kept thinking that all this meant something, that there was some other meaning in it that I ought to find out.


  1. For some reason, the Dali dream sequence from Spellbound kept playing in my head when I read this. Hope the move went smoothly.