New Year’s resolution #5

Keep it together.


New Year’s resolution #3

Pin it on a drifter.


New Year’s resolution #2

Raise child in room painted with optical illusions and no direct human contact.


The Triumph of Life

Thus when we pronounce the word life, we are not to understand life intuited from the external aspect of things. But rather that kind of fragile, moving center which forms do not touch. If there is something infernal and truly accursed at this present time, it is the lingering artistically over forms, instead of behaving like victims being burnt at the stake, who gesture out of the flames.



The Triumph of Life

Let us roll all our strength and all
Our sweetness up into one ball,
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Thorough the iron gates of life.



The Triumph of Life

Suddenly Hebdomeros saw that this woman had the eyes of his father; and he understood. She spoke of immortality in the great starless night.

“O Hebdomeros,” she said, “I am Immortality. Nouns have their gender, or rather their sex, as you once said with so much finesse, and verbs, alas, decline. Have you ever thought of my death? Have you ever thought of the death of my death? Have you thought of my life? One day, O brother....”

But she spoke no further.

Giorgio de Chirico


The Triumph of Life

Bosola. Come, be of comfort; I will save your life.

Duchess. Indeed I have not leisure to tend so small a business.

The Duchess of Malfi

allegory, death

Dynasty interiors


I was just wondering if ambiguity is really what everybody is after. But if it is the case, why?

KK: It seems an essential part of true ambiguity that it not seem ambiguous in any obvious way. Do you agree?

JA: I don’t know. I’m wondering why all these people want that ambiguity so much.

KK: Have your speculations about ambiguity produced any results as yet?

JA: Only this: that ambiguity seems to the same thing as happiness–or pleasant surprise, as you put it. (I am assuming that from the moment that life cannot be one continual orgasm, real happiness is impossible and pleasant surprise is promoted to the front rank of the emotions.)

John Ashbery: A Conversation With Kenneth Koch


Do you think there’s only one way of making sense? (We seem to be trying to trap each other into making pompous statements.)

JA: Yes, we seem to be determined both to discuss poetry and not to discuss anything at all. This is probably what we do in our poetry. I only wish I knew why we feel it to be necessary.

KK: I should think that if we really wanted to know why we felt it to be necessary that we could probably find out. I don’t think we really care.

JA: You’re right.

John Ashbery: A Conversation With Kenneth Koch